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If​ your business involves regular trade transactions for cargo imports, exports, and/or domestic sales, our MARINE CARGO OPEN COVER insurance is the best-recommended solution providing you an annual blanket insurance protection for all your supply-chain transportation risk exposures involving physical loss or damage to the cargo. 

Our Open Policy is structured in a be-spoke fashion considering your specific business requirements and cargo supply chain details such as :

  • full range of products traded by your firm,

  • geographical areas of trade,

  • all modalities of cargo transportation - sea, air, road, rail, multimodal etc.

  • average and maximum value exposures per cargo shipment,

  • any storage and/or logistics exposure at respective locations in the supply chain

  • finance-collateral of cargo insurance to be assigned to your trade finance banks.

The Open Cover insurance program can be flexibly structured on a local/domestic basis and also as a truly global program covering all your worldwide business operations including parent, subsidiary(ies), affiliate(s), and associate business entities as per your Corporate Risk & Supply Chain Management requirements. 

Our Marine Open Cover offers you a spectrum of advantageous:

  • Comprehensive cargo insurance coverage based on internationally best-practiced Institute Cargo Clauses A and extended to cover risks of War & Allied Perils, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions and Terrorism. 

  • Seamless cargo insurance protection for all your transportation and logistics risks exposure as the coverage is applied in a unified pre=agreed fashion across all your annual supply chain transportations. 

  • World-class reputed S&P A+ and above rated insurers and reinsurers underwriting your insurance program/policy.

  • Flexible and adequate insurance coverage limits per shipment & per storage location in course of transit. We can flexibly structure per shipment cover limits upto USD 100,000,000 and per storage-location (Stock Throughput - STP) cover limits upto USD 250,000,000 in a syndicated fashion with our insuring partners. 

  • Very competitive premium rates which are pre-agreed and fixed on an annual basis.

  • Online System Access across your domestic and global offices facilitates you to issue Certificates of Insurance on a 24x7x365 basis at your convenience.

  • Global claims survey and settlement network infrastructure providing swift and efficient claims management.

  • Value-added Cargo Risk Management & Loss Control Services by our world-class insuring partners.

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